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Tank Gauging System

Internal Transducers

Each Deep Down tank gauging system is customized to fit your requirements based on the static head measurement of liquid with a known density. Depending on the vessel design, some utilize titanium submergible pressure transducers which have been used successfully on both internally and externally mounted applications.

Bubbler Systems

Bubbler type systems can provide unique solutions to specific problems encountered in many existing systems. Differential pressure transducers replace manometers and enable a transfer of level information to tank gauging systems through electronic means.

Deep Down is a duly appointed factory representative for Technical Marine Service (TMS) which manufactures self-contained "bubbler" type units incorporating an automatic line purging system with the added benefit of a local display. These units also have alarm monitoring to indicate loss of supply air and ability to sense line plugs or leaks.

LVM - Level Volume Mass

The Deep Down LVM possesses the flexibility to use all types of sensors, bubbler or pressure to convey the tank level of fluids. The volume and mass of the contents, no matter what the liquid, are easily available. The ability to adapt the LVM to any fluid or tank requirement is invaluable for saving installation expenses and time.

Our engineers have spent thousands of hours developing an accurate, dependable, fully autonomous instrument with multiple applications making it the finest replacement for your current Tank Gauging system or Ballast Control applications.


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