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Machinery Plant Control

Deep Down provides Machinery Plant Control Monitoring Systems (MPCMS) for commercial, private, and military applications. MPCMS is also known as Vessel Management System (VMS) or Alarm Monitoring System (AMS). This system provides centralized remote control with an information display, designed in accordance with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) rules and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certifications, we can provide extremely complex MPCMS systems, tightly integrated solutions and basic monitoring systems for vessels of any size and market.

Deep Down specializes in MPCMS integration for the various discreet systems found in vessels and plants. Our engineers and technicians understand the need to monitor critical points and pertinent regulations required while maximizing utility and flexibility in order to ensure the plants and vessels operate smoothly within tolerance. Using state-of-the-art methodologies, we customize MPCMS, including PCs and PLCs with proprietary screens suited to customer specifications. Our custom design techniques provide monitoring workstations capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions eliminating location concerns while allowing Test/Acknowledge functionality distribution according to specifications without additional full monitoring workstation costs.

Custom systems typically include one main MPCMS, optional remote MPCMS, and localized or global alarms. Custom alarm solutions allow maximum flexibility in acknowledgment, notifications, designated alarms, sounding of sirens or bells, voice recording playback of alarm information and staff instructions. Detecting hidden circumstances that lead to costly repairs or even catastrophic failure, our tailored MPCMS remotely notifies users through SMS text messaging with complete information while worry-free cataloguing stores events for up to a year with instant retrieval.

Monitoring virtually any sensor or switch, such as high/low thresholds in tanks, bilge/inundation float switches, and electrical circuit breakers, our custom MPCMS is not limited to system level monitoring. The following list provides examples of additional alarms integrated into the preceding customized systems improving on our revolutionary system:

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