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Drillers Display

Driller Display systems give drillers and tool pushers a finger on the pulse of all drilling operations. Deep Down provides a state-of-the-art driller display system that focuses on delivering accurate, real-time data needed by the driller to safely and securely monitor conditions and detect early warning signs of potential dangers.

As data is readily available, the driller can spot signs of imminent well kicks or other deviations, which make the difference between a safe well and a dangerous blowout. Dril-SysTM presents these vital drilling parameters at a glance allowing the driller to react quickly and identify pressure losses, drilling breaks, and flow deviations.

Dril-SysTM can set alarm thresholds for individual parameters and log data, which is then retrieved by a PC to print reports for engineers to analyze. Logging can be done constantly, in the background, or on-demand as alarm thresholds are exceeded. Real-world data can be indispensible in training new drillers. Dril-SysTM is tailored to the needs of each rig to give the most reliable data. The driller can always count on Dril-SysTM to be ready for any task.

Features and Options:

Dril-SysTM can monitor the following parameters among others:

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