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Camera Systems

Deep Down offers Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security and monitoring systems. We also offer Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) thermal imaging products with our systems. We provided the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) with one of the most sophisticated CCTV systems available for their passenger transport ferries. The camera system and digital recording allow post-event tracing and real-time security on New York's most utilized transportation vessels.

Many oil rigs install CCTV systems to monitor personnel safety. Cameras watch unmanned areas, machinery spaces and potential hazard zones to keep the staffing requirement on the rig to a minimum and ensure a safer working environment.

Also popular in the private yachting market is our "surround view" CCTV system. This system allows a top-down view of a yacht to aid in docking and perimeter monitoring. This solution can be purchased individually or as a Sta-Sys product package which includes a full vessel management system and Dynamic Positioning (DP) system.

The mariner is a low-cost thermal imager with a pan/tilt enclosure for maritime navigation, search and rescue, and security. The Mariner provides the same superior thermal imaging technology the military uses to see at night for a fraction of the cost.

Navigator II
A low-cost thermal imager designed for navigation and collision avoidance. The Navigator II allows crewmen to spot floating debris, weed lines, channel markers, and other boats in reduced visibility or total darkness. This system comes in forward-fixed and full pan/tilt configurations.

Voyager II
A powerful and stabilized multi-sensor thermal imaging system, the Voyager II combines two imaging systems: a wide field-of-view imager for situational awareness, obstacle avoidance and navigation and a narrow field-of-view imager able to detect hazards or other vessels at long ranges. The Voyager II daylight/lowlight camera lets you identify approaching vessels and watch for security threats.

Maximize maritime operations with a powerful gyro-stabilized thermal imager and high resolution monochrome camera. A system equally at home on the sea, or in the air, the SeaFLIR-M provides exceptional long-range infrared and high resolution visual sensor capability in an extremely ruggedized and compact package, making the Commercially Developed Military Qualified (CDMQ) system a solid performer in virtually any maritime or airborne environment.

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