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Ballast Control System

With Deep Down's experience in designing, manufacturing, and commissioning ballast control and monitoring systems ranging from simple bubbler systems to advanced control and monitoring systems, we have created complete customized systems for all tank gauging, ballast valves, throttle valves, ballast pumps, and draft data. Designed to comply with all applicable industry regulations, each tailored system meets or exceeds American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and other regulatory agency standards while providing complete control and security. A ballast control and monitoring station, typically a dual bay structure positioned on the bridge or in the control room above the waterline, provides control and monitoring of the ballast system maintaining (ABS) compliance with back-up capability for continuous operation pending loss of major components in systems.

Our engineers begin with an extensive site survey that provides copious details on wiring, installation and documentation for assistance in developing the most efficient and cost effective system customized to fit client needs. This design procedure affords the opportunity to review and verify the design prior to production. The manufacturing process will commence after customer approval and our team will construct and thoroughly test the design before shipping to the customer where our field service personnel perform the installation.

Our team commissions each design, providing customized training vital to the system's success while understanding the importance of customer's personnel time. Our replacement systems, wired to operate as an exact replica of the prior system, provide cost effective solutions that eliminate the need to retrain ballast control personnel when upgrading to comply with all applicable industry regulations. We provide ongoing system support and training is available when necessary.
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