System Integration Testing (SIT and FAT)

Deep Down’s Riser Isolation Valve (RIV) and Subsea Isolation Valve (SSIV) Control Systems are being installed onto platforms as a part of the Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESDS)/safety system to prevent an uncontrollable release of hydrocarbons. Using our hydraulic and electrical control systems, a platform’s control room can operate SSIVs as well as monitor the valve position in its open/closed cycles. Deep Down has designed single RIV systems and systems to control and monitor up to twelve RIVs on a single platform. The systems can be installed onshore or offshore and onto new or existing riser systems.

Our control systems have been installed using traditional I-Tubes as well as clamping onto existing risers allowing for diverse solutions to any RIV/SSIV control system installation. This new technology allows for a safer future in the energy industry.