Rapid Deployment Cartridges and Subsea Deployment Baskets


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Deep Down’s Rapid Deployment Cartridges (RDC) and Subsea Deployment Baskets (SDB) provide installation contractors with safer methods to install umbilicals and flying leads. Both the RDC and SDB provide storage, transportation, and installation methods for your flexible pipe and umbilical flying leads. The RDC and SDB are stackable and typically transportable without the need for permits.

The RDC is designed to operate in conjunction with a horizontal drive unit (HDU) keeping loads very low to the ground and  minimizing uneven tension that can lead to balancing and other problems experienced with vertical drive units due to variability in centrifugal forces.

To eliminate risks and hazards associated with holdback wires and cables under tension used in traditional over-boarding methods, Deep Down developed the SDB. The SDB incorporates a mud mat that allows for deployment and installation of umbilicals and umbilical flying leads from the seafloor. The SDB reduces the risks often associated with ultra-deep installations.

Deep Down’s RDCs and SDBs provide the industry with a safer more effective means of installing umbilicals and flying leads. Their flexibility, stack-ability, and transportability minimizes project hazards and increases efficiency. In addition to the standard sizes below Deep Down can design and fabricate RDCs and SDBs specific to customer project requirements.

Inner Core Dimensions

Overall Dimensions


Empty Weight


16′ x 6′

4 point

2,800 Lbs


18′ x 8′

4 point

3,200 Lbs