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Deep Down’s patented Non-Helical Umbilical (NHU®) combines our experience manufacturing miles of loose steel tube flying leads, terminating conventional steel umbilicals, and observing installation behavior of all subsea umbilicals. The NHU can be manufactured in lengths up to 10 miles using super duplex tubes in standard sizes, and in any configuration. Hydraulic, electrical or optical elements can be used. It is intended for long-term infield (static) or short-term dynamic service applications.

Multiple tubes are fed into the Deep Down NHU® manufacturing process, bundled, then extruded with an HDPE outer jacket. Umbilicals are not torque balanced on their own, so rather than expending resources to balance and imparting stresses to helically wind them, the NHU® uses this process to its advantage, resulting in a standard bundle. This technology ensures durable, high performance even in challenging conditions.

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The proprietary NHU® umbilical manufacturing concept is fully containerized, portable, and easily transportable for set-up anywhere in the world. The ability to manufacture in close proximity to subsea fields offers the benefits of reduced lead times, the use of smaller installation vessels, the use of compact Deep Down equipment, and the incorporation of percentages of local content and more favorable in-country economics. As a niche subsea umbilical manufacturer whose products are specifically designed for the oilfield industry and related applications, we understand the challenges our customer face and ensure that not only are our products exactly what’s required, but also that our service is responsive and flexible enough for the demands of our clients.