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Oil Spill Containment

The DP Atoll is a dynamically positioned set of barriers that can move itself into a variety of shapes including a full circle. It can be used for oil spill containment and cleanup as well as calming rough waters around a vessel, rig, or platform.

Subsea Oil Field Services and Oil Spill Containment

At Deep Down Inc., we have the experience and industry knowledge to support all aspects of subsea field development. From the design and manufacture of specialized subsea hardware, through installation and commissioning, we cover the spectrum of expertise in subsea oil field services. In addition, our Operational team has the expertise and necessary tools needed for all possible oil spill containment situations.

Deep Down Inc. has thoroughly researched proper and cutting edge applications when it comes to oil spill containment. Currently in the development stage, Deep Down Inc.'s Patented DP Atoll system is a set of barriers that are dynamically positioned with capabilities to form into a variety of shapes, including a full circle. All separation is done within the system and pumping reclaimed oil to a tanker and clean water to the ocean.

There are various applications associated with DP Atoll that Deep Down Inc. can offer your rig, vessel or platform. With unique forming abilities into multiple shapes, DP Atoll can also assist your overboarding with the calming of rough waters around your area of operation. For a full video demonstration on how DP Atoll works.

Storage Options for Equipment in Subsea Oil Field Services

We also offer storage and equipment refurbishment for subsea oil field services in areas such as engineering and project management, manufacturing and fabrication, installation management, Pull-IN and Spooling Operations, ROV equipment and services, System integration testing, subsea equipment storage, as well as umbilical/flying lead testing, monitoring and commissioning.

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Our team is ready to serve your subsea oil-production and/or oil-spill containment needs. If you're looking for quality service provider that always operates safely and with the environment in mind, then call us today at 281-862-2201.

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