Flying Lead Deployment Frames – Electric / Hydraulic

Deep Down’s flying lead deployment frames offer a straightforward method of deploying electrical, hydraulic and optical flying leads. These frames can be used for providing storage and protection during transportation and installation of the flying leads. In most cases, there are no permit or escort restrictions on transportation, which keeps costs down and prevents potential timing delays. Each frame is designed to minimize deck space by supporting multiple flying leads and uses a figure-eight wrapping method to prevent twisting and knotting of the flying lead that can increase installation time. When deployed, the frame displaces water through a central channel to reduce deployment time and then stabilizes on the sea floor providing sufficient support for even the heaviest equipment. The frames are configurable to accommodate customer requirements for parking frame receptacles or hydraulic buckets. Deep Down can also design and manufacture specialty frames to meet specific project requirements.

For complex deployment needs, see our Rapid Deployment Cartridges and Subsea Deployment Baskets.

Electric / Hydraulic Flying Lead Specifications:

  • 16′-0″ L x 8′-0″ W x 9′-0″ H
  • 7,600 Lbs.

Stab and Hinge-Over Specifications:

  • 16′-6″ L x 8′-0″ W x 3′-6″ H
  • 3,600 Lbs.