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Defense and Environmental - Detection Systems and Remote Monitoring

Hydrocarbon Detection

Our Thermal Imaging Systems can monitor platforms and vessels for hydrocarbon spills from subsea or from the platform. A combination of defensive and oil on water emissivity detection provides early warning of spills and unauthorized platform entry. Fully automated and working in conjunction with a 24/7 remote CCTV control center offers both flexibility and reliability.

Anti-Theft / Piracy

Loss mitigation for on or offshore incorporating the most innovative and proactive CCTV and early warning systems. Our customers can be assured our professional team monitors platforms, vessels and land based facilities.

Man Overboard (M.O.B.)

Man overboard systems provide added confidence to platform and vessel operators with the utilization of both thermal imaging and long-range CCTV cameras. Strategically located cameras along with detection and tracking software aid M.O.B. detection and leads to successful rescue recovery.

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AeronTi Pan Tilt Camera
EX 129 Camera
EX PTZ Camera
Jaegar Camera
Oculus IL Camera
Oculus TI Camera
Predator Camera
Predator HD Camera
Predator Radar Camera
RVX-IP30 Camera

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