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250 MT – 9,000 MT Carousels – Custom carousel can be manufactured by Deep Down.

This 3500 MT carousel was the “Innovation Winner” for the ASME Woelfel Best Engineering Achievement Award from the International Petroleum Technology Institute.

Deep Down, Inc. has designed a fully scalable carousel system that can be manufactured to handle 1,000 MT or up to 9,000 MT for the largest carousel, depending on customer requirements. The carousels can be used for land-based storage or offshore deployment of product from an installation vessel. Manufacturing began in 2010 and a 3,400 MT carousel system has been delivered to Core Industries in Theodore, Alabama 2Q 2011. A 3,500 MT carousel is being setup at our Main Operations.

Utilizing the latest technology available, our engineers designed this unit with safety in mind by including an automatic speed control and shutdown between the tensioner and carousel, safety controls to protect product from vessel to land communication shutdowns and dedicated communications between stations via wireless link to vessel carousel operator. Supplying teams with the crucial information required, the carousel monitoring system records critical readings such as speed, length marks, weight, and tension providing safe and efficient project completions.

This sectioned carousel design is highly flexible allowing storage and deployment of various cables and umbilicals with modular sections that provide more compliance and relief against tolerance issues. The carousel remains easy to ship, offering bulk transportation of standardized umbilical cross-sections to reduce delivery cost. Featuring removable and movable termination porches that offer more flexibility in termination placement and handling, you can cut and terminate umbilicals in the Gulf of Mexico closer to the termination assembly supplier and reduce shipping costs.

Our carousel system can be configured to provide ample space to store and install the largest umbilicals on the market while saving you money, continuing the Deep Down tradition of exceeding industry standards and providing customers with a safe, cost-effective solution.


  • Large OD and ID carousels provide the least amount of accumulated strain on the umbilical
  • Can be used to store umbilicals and cables on land or install from vessel offshore
  • Allows for ISUs (Integrated Service Umbilicals) with large center pipe
  • Modular sections make it easier to ship and provide more compliance and relief against tolerance issues
  • Provides independent storage of umbilical products in the Gulf of Mexico while the installation vessel is away on other projects
  • Provides more opportunities for bulk transport of standardized umbilical cross-sections thus reducing delivery cost and allows umbilicals to be cut to length and terminated in the Gulf of Mexico closer to the supplier of the umbilical termination assemblies
  • Provides access to entire subsea system and the opportunity for full SITs (System Integration Testing) and system performance testing
  • Large enough and partitioned to store multiple umbilicals simultaneously and offload in any order

1,000 – 9,000 MT Carousels Datasheet

Typical umbilical carousel spooling setup at our Mobile, Alabama facility