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Bend Stiffener Latcher

Deep Down's proprietary Bend Stiffener Latcher (BSL), is designed to secure a dynamic umbilical to an existing or standard flange offering significant cost savings and without the need for modification to the i-tube or the use of divers. The quick-release and locking mechanism allows a single ROV to engage or disengage the locking mechanism resulting in significant savings.

Engineered to handle the ever increasing cyclic loads and bending moments in ultra deep-waters, the BSL is capable of handling high load transfers for bending moments up to 350,000 ft lbs. The BSL can accommodate bend stiffeners behind the male stab making engagement of the bend limiter into the mating bell mouth quicker and more efficient. After latching the BSL, an ROV can release the armor pot allowing the bull-nose and umbilical to be pulled upward through the remaining length of the i-tube and set on the topside hang-off flange.

With no kink point between the bend-stiffener and the bull-nose and no protrusion under the hull, the BSL prevents potential damage during tow out, providing significant savings through equipment protection.



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