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Deep Down’s “Proteus” Active Heave Compensator is designed to provide a solution to non-heave compensated winches. Proteus reduces or eliminates the effects of vessel heave during over-boarding operations allowing a subsea payload to be held at a specific location under water without the vessel’s motion on the waves compromising its position.

The Proteus system design utilizes an overhead flying sheave moving opposite the direction of the vessel motion. Placed in-line with the customer’s winch, it is designed to maintain vertical displacement of subsea payloads to within six-tenths of an inch in up to thirty (30) ft. heave. The mathematical algorithm embedded in the software allows the system to respond to changes in a ships vertical motion within .5 milliseconds

Proteus is available in both vertical version for lighter load applications and the horizontal version for higher tension designed to augment abandon and retrieval winches in the 50-100 ton range. By adding Proteus units to existing winches, customers are able to enhance their overall installation capabilities without a large capital investment.